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Solar PV is a fantastic way to utilise the natural sunlight to generate your own electricity. With the addition of smart monitors incorporated in to the inverter, you can watch how much you are generating enabling you to use what you are generating during the day and use less in the evening. Now with the addition of Battery Storage Systems you can harness the electricity you are generating and not using for use in the evening, or when you need more energy during the day for example to have the washing machine and hoover. It can even be used when there is a power cut, subject to which battery you choose.
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So, if you would like to save even more money and utilise your solar PV,, then a battery storage system is an option you should not miss. We are only one of 60 companies selected by TESLA to be able to sell and install their POWERWALL battery storage system. Click on OUR TECHNOLOGIES TAB to read more.
Heat pumps use ambient heat from the ground, water or air. This ambient heat comes from stored solar energy or geothermal energy from below ground. Which technology you have depends on your location.
This ambient heat is inexhaustible and is available at all times!
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We are approved installation partners with Oshner, Nibe and Dimplex.
As a naturally renewable fuel, wood is the best solution for a reliable and sustainable heat supply. Pellets are the most convenient version of the naturally regenerative energy source that is wood. Waste material arising from wood processing in the form of sawdust is compressed to make small wood cylinders that are an ideal fuel for combustion. This protects the environment, spares the climate and saves resources.

According to statistics, nine out of ten pellet boilers in France, for example, come from Austria and eight of those from Upper Austria.

We are approved installation partners with: Demusa and Okofen.